Hope News Mission

We are convinced it is only the Gospel that is able to change people's attitude and thinking indeed. We believe and declare: Jesus Christ alone is the answer to all the questions of life. The activity areas of our colleagues responsible for mission work are: church planting, visiting home cells, education mission, prison mission, youth mission, CD mission and the holding of outreach meetings.

Church Planting – Counselling

We lay special emphasis on creating home groups and after the expansion of the groups on developing them into churches. Furthermore we organize outreach meetings and cultural forums regularly, taking hold of all opportunities to establish Christian fellowships in the knowledge of the biblical guidelines. We offer help to and cooperate with other mission organizations who work to fulfil the great commission by pointing at Jesus.

Christian People's Academy

We have been training people at Christian People's Academy since 1996. We have started courses at many places all over the country. Our courses are running at the moment with 90 adult students. We ascribe importance to train Gypsy leaders also, so the 40-50% of our participants is Gypsy students. The goal of our Bible School is to make our students to be able to answer the challenges of everyday life, to identify their spiritual gifts, to be prepared for active involvement in many kinds of work at churches and to become leaders full of faith and of the Holy Spirit.

Youth Mission

We have been involved in youth mission – within the realms of HPC NGM – since August 2009 and our purpose is to reach the youth with the Gospel. Our work includes: visiting and supporting existing youth groups, organizing youth camps, and summer time youth programs and concerts. With our programs we can reach both Romany and not Romany young people. We consider it to be our task to help young people coming from different backgrounds to build a future free of prejudice.

Prison Mission

Our ministry have been ministering at penitential institutions since 2005 on a monthly basis, having 3-4 meetings with small groups of interested prisoners each time. We consider it important to give a chance to all people living in tough situations to get to know Christ, even if they are physically restricted. The further goal of our mission work is that prisoners would awaken to new recognition and so be able to reintegrate to society.