Hope News Institution Maintaining Centre

The Hope News Institution Maintaining Centre – founded by the HPC National Gipsy Mission – has activities in public education and in adult education; it is maintaining public educational institutions in several towns of Hungary. The Hope News Institution Maintaining Centre has set the aim to support teaching-learning processes, in order to create opportunity for children and young people to study in a harmonic environment and access to modern, high-quality child- and youth centred institutions for their free time activities.

The Hope News Institution Maintaining Centre has been running the “Epreskert Nursery” and the “Eötvös József Public School” in Békés and the “Bay Zoltán Informatics High School and Student Hostel” in Gyula since 1st September 2012.

Right now 35 young people are studying in post-secondary NTR trainings at the “Bay Zoltán Informatics High School and Student Hostel”.

Besides providing smooth operation and undisturbed teacher-educator work in the institutional units of Hope News Institution, Gypsy Mission focuses on such character- and ability-developing programs, which on one hand will help socially- and educationally dropped out children in their catching up; on the other hand will widen the opportunities for free time-, cultural-, entertaining- and sport activities of the institution, involving the parents and families also, which will strengthen the relationship of the parents and the teaching-educating institution. The teachers and the pupils of the school participate in devotions on a weekly basis, held by our mission workers. The Joy Friday is an art- and sport activity program also held weekly. The Parents' Academy is attended by parents and grandparents, where they can discuss about child raising and society problems and it is moderated by mission workers. The students of the high school regularly organize community building and group cohesion strengthening events, such like “treasure hunting tours”, common cooking, visiting museums, excursions, tours in the nature.

The Gipsy Mission considers the reduction of the children's socialization disadvantages as a task and we are convinced their opportunities should be equalized as soon as the nursery starts, for equal opportunity to remain continuous and lasting. The presence of the Mission in education should emphasize the supporting effort for all members and age groups of disadvantaged families. Through more than 400 children who belong to the institutional units the Mission can reach 1800 families and 65 teachers.