HPC National Gipsy Mission

Our purpose is: to reach disadvantaged people, to help and support them, so they might find their identity and become valuable and constructive members of society.

A bridge – not only for Roma people

  • Church planting
  • Social services
  • Education
  • Sociological scientific works
  • Labour-market services
  • Employment – business development, projects
  • Networks, cooperation, counselling
  • Community Development – events, culture




The operation area of the National Gypsy Mission expands on all of the country, and onto all of the Carpathian Basin. We provide help for the underprivileged people – primarily Gypsies. Our support is meant in solving their intellectual, spiritual, educational, physical-financial troubles, and in providing life conducting counsel. The National Gypsy Mission helps the disadvantaged people making good decisions concerning their own lives.

Our main activities: the organization, preparation and implementation of family support; education, training, developing skills and capabilities, knowledge dissemination; supporting young students, child and youth protection, representations of interest for children and youth; supporting disadvantaged groups – including Gypsies – to ensure their equality for the benefit of their social close-up.

In addition, an important activity of ours is the training and employment promoting of those groups who are disadvantaged at the labour market and also starting job creating projects. We are providing social services through our nationwide networks.

The organisations of the HPC National Gypsy Mission

Helping Service

Hope News Educational Institution

Gypsy Methodology and Research Centre

Charity Service

Hope News Ministry